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Caroline Koldus

POS System Concept Design


As you might hear someone in the service industry gripe about, I have had my own frustrations with several different POS systems over the years. My goal ultimately was create an user-friendly POS system that delights workers to use while taking orders.

User Needs

  • To get the correct order taken
  • To take order as quickly as possible
  • To use as little effort as possible
  • To avoid a line

Business Needs

  • To lose fewer customers due to waiting
  • To increase efficiency
  • To need less staff because of autonomy

Problem Statement

The process of taking an order to check out there a lot of inefficiencies. This can lead to order errors, impatience for both customer and worker, and not providing the best customer service.


If we solve for the common frustrations, time wasters, and confusing operations the user has while using the POS system, then we would speed up the ordering process, create more efficiency, and increase overall satisfaction.

Heartland compared to my Design Concept