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Caroline Koldus

Supply Chain SaaS Platform

Universal Search Project


Users don’t have an easy access point of their created library. This slows down users workflow, wasting time, and giving the opportunity for users to be frustrated with the platform. 

This function must be accessible to users on all screens within the platform, no matter which channel they are performing their tasks in or switching from.


One Day Workshop


To consult on the Ideating, Brainstorming, and full design of the UI Build. I collaborated with the Senior UX Manager and two fellow UX Designers.



Wireframe Sketches



The search offers a two-way filtering system for you to search however refinely you need. The buttons below the text field are a quick way to narrow your results. If you want to be more specific, the second hidden menu of filtering is found by clicking the filtering icon.


To make mental recall easier of the item you are searching for, I designed a preview while hovering a result and the detail of when last modified to confirm the result is the one you are looking for.